Goodbye pansies, hello geraniums

The pansies on the bridge in front of my apartment at Ponte a Serraglio this year have put on a fabulous show. We have had little rain or wind since they were planted and they have thrived.

pansies on the bridge

They were still looking great, but they won’t last through the summer and it is now time to plant the geraniums.

This year I have had help to plant the flowers on the bridge. It has been great. There are lots of pots and dragging the bags of soil, carrying the plants and digging up the old ones takes time, so having 2 helpers made a big difference. Thank you Paul and Sheila.

pansies on the bridge


Paul on the bridge

Sheila on the bridge

Paul also cleaned out and replanted the large pots beside Villa Fiori. (Somebody pinched one of the lavender plants almost immediately, which is a bit disappointing).

We are now thinking of buying some new hanging pots for the lampposts along the river and planting more geraniums. There is a reasonable amount of expense involved in this, so if anyone would like to contribute it would be appreciated. Please email me at if you are interested in helping out.


12 years ago

Today, 1st March, is the twelfth anniversary of the first time we stood on the bridge at Ponte a Serraglio and decided Bagni di Lucca was where we wanted to buy our little piece of Italy.

A lot of water has passed under the Ponte since then, but I can safely say that it was an excellent decision. We love the village and enjoy spending several months a year here. It really is our second home.

I celebrated by planted pansies on the bridge with the help of the newest Australian to buy a house at Ponte a Serraglio…meet Paul.

Paul at Ponte

…and the pansies. Daffodils are also making an appearance. I was hoping for some sun to help them along…maybe tomorrow.

Ponte pansies

Ponte daffodils

Ponte pansies

Thanks Ponte a Serraglio for making us welcome.